One angry rich dude

One angry rich dude: Today, George Soros sent out a press release, held a press conference, started a national speaking tour, announced an ad campaign that begins with a two-page spread in tomorrow’s Wall Street Journal, announced that he’ll be mailing copies of his speech to 2 million people, released a new book and, oh yeah, launched a blog in which “he” (it’s his blog) describes himself as “the billionaire investor and philanthropist.” According to Bloomberg, Soros has already bankrolled such organizations as & America Coming Together with an $18.5 million contribution. In his press conference today, he said he’ll be spending up to $3 million on the personal campaign he is undertaking.

I’ve read the press release and his speech very carefully trying to understand what exactly it is he’s for and why he’s spending all this money. He doesn’t like the war in Iraq, it’s clear, and he really, really thinks Bush is “leading us in the wrong direction.” But I couldn’t find anything beyond well-worn anti-Bush clichés piled on one-another; none which will convince the as-yet unconvinced.

He hates Bush. Am I missing something else?

I’m all for Soros spending every billion he has saying whatever he wants to. But I feel certain that every dollar he spends will help raise five dollars in contributions for those who are just as convinced that “preemptive action” against those who, through their threats and actions, pose direct-danger to America, is a rationale and logical strategy.

I’m no pundit, but I predict Soros will do more harm to Kerry than to Bush by so blatantly making this a personal thing rather than funding organizations that have the appearance of being populist, grassroots movements like and Americans Coming Together. Making this appear to be a personal vendetta is too creepy for a lot of people, at least it is for people like me.

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Tah-Tah: As I know some people depend on this weblog for news from Nashville, I feel it my duty to pass this item along. (Disclosure: I have 32 Dolly Parton songs [all paid for] on my iPod.)

(via BuzzMachine)

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Other Dolly Parton songs that were potential bumper music:

You’re Gonna Be Sorry
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These Old Bones
There Will Be Peace in the Valley for Me
The Mystery of the Mystery
The Beautiful Lie
A Tender Lie
Sugar Hill
Shattered Image
No Good Way of Saying Good-bye
My Tennessee Mountain Home
Mountain Angel
More Where That Came From
It’s All Wrong, but It’s All Right
If You Go, I’ll Follow You
I Wonder Where You Are Tonight
I Will Always Love You
I Am Ready

One of life’s lesser important questions

One of life’s lesser important questions: I need someone to sort this out for me, and I know just the reporter who should. Back when IDG was going to launch a magazine and website called iPod World, it was reported that apple put the kabbash on it and the name was changed to Playlist. Yet today, Ziff Davis launches a website called So why no kabbash?

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Dropping the hypenglish

Dropping the hypenglish: Last week, I posted an item suggesting the folks putting out the new LIFE magazine spoke like natives of Flakylvania. For example, here’s a press release quote from managing editor Bill Shapiro:

“We wanted to create a magazine that people would feel as well as read. LIFE is designed to help people connect: from the images that capture a world of emotions, to tips and ideas to help people make the time they spend with friends and family more special.”

I am happy to learn this morning that Patrick Phillips of proves that Bill is not a corporate PR robotron at all but talks like a regular guy. (Despite Patrick giving him the chance to riff the word “iconic” right off the bat.) 

I Want Media: You’re now the steward of one of the publishing industry’s most iconic brands. Are you nervous?

Bill Shapiro: I am so excited, I can literally barely sleep. I’m completely thrilled to be in this position, and in no small part because it means I get to work with a fantastic team. I get to work with the most talented writers and photographers, because everybody wants to work with Life.

Longtime rexblog readers will know that my favorite exchange in the interview is the following as I used to have a running gag on this topic (last sentence):

IWM: Journalism professor Samir Husni said recently that Life founder Henry Luce “is turning in his grave to see his showcase of the world next to some Wal-Mart insert. When you bring someone back from the dead, bring them to a nice neighborhood, don’t bring them to the ghetto.” What’s your response?

Shapiro: There are many newspapers in this country that have exceedingly high levels of journalism and photography. I can’t imagine that he would call those newspapers “a ghetto.” That’s a very disparaging comment. He loves his quotes, so I’ll leave it at that.

Anyone my age or older who is the magazine geek I am (not to mention, fan of former LIFE editor Dick Stolley) can’t help but hope LIFE is everlasting.

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