How magazines get started (continued)

How magazines get started (continued): From today’s Detroit Free Press:

Back in February, two guys from Dearborn, Brandon Gheen, 20, and John Chase, 19, produced the first issue of the Royal, using a laser printer, X-acto knives and staplers. It was 1,000 copies in all, plus an online version. Tiny, obscure, like a million other pop culture-obsessed ‘zines. By summer, it was looking more and more like the real thing. The third issue had interviews with cutting-edge artists, plus ads for trendy brands like Pony and Armadale vodka. The issue’s Web version received more than 800,000 page hits, according to Gheen and Chase. Earlier this month, the duo was at a Los Angeles club for the Royal’s launch party, where hundreds of hipsters gathered to celebrate the metro Detroit creation. “Don’t let it get out that we’re just two young kids because everyone else thinks we’re a big magazine,” jokes Gheen, the creative director and design whiz.

Okay. I won’t.

(Explanation: How magazines get started.)

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