Tah-Tah: As I know some people depend on this weblog for news from Nashville, I feel it my duty to pass this item along. (Disclosure: I have 32 Dolly Parton songs [all paid for] on my iPod.)

(via BuzzMachine)

rexblog bumper music: I’m Gonna Miss You (Dolly Parton)

Other Dolly Parton songs that were potential bumper music:

You’re Gonna Be Sorry
Two Doors Down
Together Always
Touch Your Woman
These Old Bones
There Will Be Peace in the Valley for Me
The Mystery of the Mystery
The Beautiful Lie
A Tender Lie
Sugar Hill
Shattered Image
No Good Way of Saying Good-bye
My Tennessee Mountain Home
Mountain Angel
More Where That Came From
It’s All Wrong, but It’s All Right
If You Go, I’ll Follow You
I Wonder Where You Are Tonight
I Will Always Love You
I Am Ready

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