One angry rich dude

One angry rich dude: Today, George Soros sent out a press release, held a press conference, started a national speaking tour, announced an ad campaign that begins with a two-page spread in tomorrow’s Wall Street Journal, announced that he’ll be mailing copies of his speech to 2 million people, released a new book and, oh yeah, launched a blog in which “he” (it’s his blog) describes himself as “the billionaire investor and philanthropist.” According to Bloomberg, Soros has already bankrolled such organizations as & America Coming Together with an $18.5 million contribution. In his press conference today, he said he’ll be spending up to $3 million on the personal campaign he is undertaking.

I’ve read the press release and his speech very carefully trying to understand what exactly it is he’s for and why he’s spending all this money. He doesn’t like the war in Iraq, it’s clear, and he really, really thinks Bush is “leading us in the wrong direction.” But I couldn’t find anything beyond well-worn anti-Bush clichés piled on one-another; none which will convince the as-yet unconvinced.

He hates Bush. Am I missing something else?

I’m all for Soros spending every billion he has saying whatever he wants to. But I feel certain that every dollar he spends will help raise five dollars in contributions for those who are just as convinced that “preemptive action” against those who, through their threats and actions, pose direct-danger to America, is a rationale and logical strategy.

I’m no pundit, but I predict Soros will do more harm to Kerry than to Bush by so blatantly making this a personal thing rather than funding organizations that have the appearance of being populist, grassroots movements like and Americans Coming Together. Making this appear to be a personal vendetta is too creepy for a lot of people, at least it is for people like me.

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2 thoughts on “One angry rich dude

  1. As a republican, I think this is great. It makes the whole “Bush’s policies benefit the rich” argument null and void.

  2. Ouch, in the words of another famous TN blogger.

    This should get wider distribution. I won’t suggest any wire services, though, as that would be a serious conflict of interest on my part.

    Creepy, indeed.

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