Google News business model

Google News business model: It’s being discussed all over the place, so I feel somewhat after-the-fact making an observation on the Media Hack column about the “problem” Google has if it ever tries to monetize its 3-years-old, but still in beta, Google News. Quote: As it turns out, however, Google has a problem that […]

How much is that magazine in the window?

How much is that magazine in the window? New York Dog magazine goes on sale Friday. Quote from the new magazines’s website: “Combining biting humor, some of the city’s best writers, great photography and a lavish look most women’s glossies would die for. The New York Dog Magazine is an upscale magazine with attitude – […]

Free Martha update

Free Martha update: AP reports that Martha Stewart will be spending her prison time in a federal prison in Alderson, West Virginia, not those facilities speculated earlier that are in Connecticut or Florida. A reminder, before you start thinking West Virginia-hillbillies, remember it’s the home of the Greenbrier. Here’s what AP says about the prison: […]

Limited collector’s edition post

Limited collector’s edition post: Sony Online Entertainment is working with the publishers of PC Gamer magazine to create Sony Online Entertainment Worlds, a “limited collector’s edition magazine.” Which means I now have a new ambiguous term, “limited collector’s edition magazine,” to use for a custom magazine that apparently (the release appears to “write around” the […]

Custom publishing update

Custom publishing update: Short story (second one) in the NYT about Bergdorf’s “magalog” (which is an old term but seems to be morphing into a catch-phrase that means customer magazine. However, I would argue the newsstand magazines Lucky, Cargo, et al, are more “magalogs” than the Bergdorf magazine, but I digress). For the record, the […]