Presidential debate resources

Presidential debate resources: I’m always amazed at how Gary Price ( provides timely and helpful online resources that provide background and context to the news and events of the day. Today he provides links to “Resources, Reports, Tools, Lists, and Full Text Documents related to Presidential Debates, including:

Text Transcripts of All Debates (1960-2000)

C-SPAN Offers Online Streaming Video of the 2000 Presidential Debates

Bush/Kerry Memorandum of Understanding on Debates

Text of Commission on Presidential Debates Sept. 15, 2004 letter to the Campaigns’ Lead Debate Negotiators

Information About Debate Moderators and Format

Formats for 2004 Debates
Presidential Debate 2004 at the University of Miami

Presidential Debate 2004 at Arizona State University

Presidential Debate 2004 at Washington University

Vice Presidential Debate 2004 at Case Western Reserve University

The Great Debate: The History of Presidential Debates

Presidential Debate History (Resources for Educators)