Jack & less water, please

Jack & less water, please: One of this weblog’s seven readers has already e-mailed me asking if I’ll be covering the magazine-related Tennessee controversy reported in Nashville’s morning paper today. The answer is no.


On Tuesday morning, CNN’s Jack Cafferty brought the world’s attention to a small publication with a pretty big mouth. Modern Drunkard Magazine‘s editor Frank Rich published a scathing editorial after it was brought to his attention that between 20 months and a year ago the Jack Daniel Distillery had quietly dropped the strength of its signature black label Tennessee whiskey from 86 to 80 proof.

Side note: I must have missed the news about Frank Rich starting a magazine on the side. This may explain why his NYT columns make so little sense to me.

Update: The drunkard Mr. Rich, who obviously has never read this weblog before, was kind enough to clear up my confusion. He explains (in the comments) that he wasn’t the former theatre critic, NYT columnist Frank Rich. Thanks.

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  1. Thanks for clearing that up. I was so thinking the former theatre critic of the NYT was moonlighting as editor of your magazine.

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