News you can lose

News you can lose: From yesterday’s NY Daily news comes this news about not one, but two, vaporzines. And, thank goodness, they’re “shopping magazines” so they’re something new that no one has every thought of before:

Star Magazine and Vibe both announced plans yesterday to enter the booming shopping category next year with spinoffs. Star Shop will debut in March because, chief editorial director Bonnie Fuller said, “It’s natural for Star to give birth … Our readers love to come to Star for the latest celebrity trends in what to wear and where to buy it.” …Star Shop will focus on trends in beauty and fashion and include what Fuller called “celebrity love affairs with entertaining and travel.” If Star Shop sells well, it’ll become a quarterly. Urban music mag Vibe will debut Vibe Vixen in February, aiming the twice-yearly spinoff at young women with an eye for fashion and beauty products.