Search for rest of us clowns

Search for the rest of us clowns: Clusty, which has nothing to do with a character on the Simpsons, is a new consumer search offering from Vivismo, the NYT’s John Markoff reports:

The new Clusty service for consumers, which will be free and supported by advertising revenue, uses a similar organizational structure. But it also presents a series of tabs enabling the user to see results from sources besides the general Web, including shopping information, yellow pages, news, blogs, and images.

If the service is supported by advertising revenue, I wonder what Media Hack will suggest about their dilemma?

Side note: I give those Vivismo folks some credit for being bold enough to name their product something that, if not perfect, will be dubbed “clutsy.” I also give them credit for having the foresight to grab the URL in case that happens (or for clutzy typists).

Update: Tara ( Calishain, who wrote the book on this topic, wants to type “Crusty” instead of “Clusty.” But unlike me, she has a helpful, insightful review of it:

“I find Clusty pretty good. A little slow, but pretty good. I don’t like the ‘blog search aspect. For me, most of the usefulness of ‘blog search or RSS feed search is that you can get the results in order of publication. You’re not getting that that I can see in a Clusty search, which makes it less than useful. I’d also like to see more unusual sources ala Vivisimo, like the ClusterMed offering.”

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  1. Hey Rex,

    Thanks for the post on Vivismo. Great read. Just a note, I think that you have a typo on Tara Calishain’s site … it has changed to . The ‘.org’ link is a dead one and ‘.com’ is some link farm.


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