Traveling man

Traveling man: Just got back to town after a drive from Atlanta to Nashville and several hours of listening to some pioneering podcasters. I’ll discuss those sometime later this weekend. In the meantime, you can read my earlier post on the topic. If you missed out on the first days of blogging, here’s your chance to be on the ground floor of the next next thing. But that’s later.

I had to jump on my blog to clear out my in-box of vaporzine sightings. Thanks to Eddie Rider who sent me three this morning (one, however calls itself a magazine but is really a website that updates once a month, which is something, but it’s not what I blog about here).

The first one has no link, but comes with this quotation from somewhere: “American Media is developing Sly, a new health and fitness monthly aimed at older men, which would feature Stallone on the cover of each issue.” (Wait, this is October 1, not April 1, right?)

The other story is not actually about a vaporzine, as it apparently is already on the streets of Detroit, but I don’t have time to do another post. It’s a new magazine called Strut and its creators “hope their monthly will appeal to women’s intellects without being too heavy and intellectual,” according to the Detroit Free Press.

(Eddie even suggested the bumper music [links to come later]: Strutter (Kiss) and Eye of the Tiger (Survivor))