Sizzle: A reporter for a certain national newspaper who says I “seared him” in my blog a while back for a story he wrote about the blurring of lines between edit and advertising, e-mailed me today to let me know there are a group of professors who see things differently from me who were compelled to do something about it.

First, as the seven readers of this weblog know, I hate it when people think I’m “searing” them just because I resort to cheap-shots and sarcasm to attack their point-of-view. I would never want to “sear” people. That sounds so, I don’t know, personal. And I’m not the searing kind. Oh, wait. Except in the case of those professors.

5 thoughts on “Sizzle

  1. Glad to hear it. I know at least one of these profs. He at least is an intelligent and thoughtful guy, committed to improving the craft of journalism.

  2. I get it, Bill. You are practicing irony. No, you’re baiting me. Admit it. You’re wanting me to react by saying something like, “if he were so intelligent and thoughtful” how could he be duped into adding his name to a letter that suggests editors need to be regulated and guidelined into doing what they should or should not do. There are lots of ways to “out” bad practices without trying to pile on more “rules” for how the “craft” of journalism is practiced. I’ll stop there because I know you’re just bating me.

  3. Neither ironing nor baiting, just observing. The prof, Paul Ashdown, was the first to give me the primary rule of all journalism: never let the truth get in the way of a good story, which is a far better example of irony.

    Besides, I am not such a master of baiting as you seem to believe.

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