How to teach a magazine columnist not to go over the line

How to teach a magazine columnist not to go over the line: In the past, Sports Illustrated columnist (and nine-time winner of a national sportswriter award) Rick Reilly was featured in the University of Colorado football media guide as one of the school’s “famous alumni.”

Then, according to today’s Kansas City Star (registration required), the famous graduate wrote a column about former Colorado kicker Katie Hnida, who accused a teammate of raping her and said other players harassed her. Reilly also had the audacity to appear on national TV and say that the scandal involving Hnida and three other women who have step forward to say members of the team raped them made him embarrassed to wear his University of Colorado class ring. After that, “I couldn’t consciously keep him in (the media guide). He went over the line,” Colorado sports information Director Dave Plati told the Star. So he purged Reilly from the football media guide’s “famous alumni” list.

If I used this weblog to make personal attacks and sear people, I would now be saying something about how Dave Plati appears unconscious and would make me want not only to remove, but to melt-down my class ring had I attended his school. But in this weblog, I don’t call people idiots for inviting sports columnists nationwide to pen columns in defense of their fellow columnist and about the sports information director’s idiocy. So I won’t.