Blinders update


Blinders update: Last week, I blogged that Ken Sorensen of River Heights, Utah, was encouraging his town’s officials to require the city’s stores to cover “lewd” magazine covers (the way WalMart does). You may recall that River Heights has no stores. Well, news from River Heights this week is that the City Council “hardly considered before unanimously approving (the) resolution Thursday,” according to the Logan, Utah, Herald Journal.


“I don’t believe we spent five minutes on it,” said Mayor Vic Jensen. “We’re all in agreement on anything that is beneficial to making a better moral community, moral county, moral state; that this was not a good thing for the children to have to look at in the stores.” Councilmembers did not specify what degree of obscenity would necessitate the opaque plastic covers already sealing pornographic magazines in some nationwide chains, such as Wal-Mart.

Huh? Wal-Mart may be covering covers of Cosmopolitan but I doubt you’ll be seeing porn on sale there anytime soon. Like never.

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