Why I’ll keep talking about podcasting (but try not)

Why I’ll keep talking about podcasting (but try not): This post started yesterday as my typical slapped-together agreeable disagreement to a post by Russell Beattie who wrote, “the first rule of podcasting…is that you don’t talk about podcasting.” I started typing about why one should talk about podcasting and then about 2,000 words later I […]

No Way

No Way: Someone just e-mailed to congratulate me about that Nashville Scene award, to which I responded, “What Nashville Scene award?” That’s how I discovered that I’ve been named by our fair city’s popular alternative paper as the “Best Local Blogger” in their annual “Best of Nashville Awards.” (Note to perplexed readers from the blogosphere […]


Bookish: Google’s print search, much like Amazon.com’s “Search inside the book” feature, is expanding as Google has “invited publishers large or small to provide books that will be scanned and included in the Google Print service for free.” Books will be accepted if they have ISBNs and are in…English. (via paidcontent.org)