No Way

No Way: Someone just e-mailed to congratulate me about that Nashville Scene award, to which I responded, “What Nashville Scene award?” That’s how I discovered that I’ve been named by our fair city’s popular alternative paper as the “Best Local Blogger” in their annual “Best of Nashville Awards.” (Note to perplexed readers from the blogosphere confused with Tennessee geography: mega-blogger Instapundit lives in Knoxville, not Nashville.) I must say, I’m extremely honored. I can’t wait to display my “Best of Nashville” award on the front door of Hammock Publishing. Seriously, I am honored to a large degree because I do consider this weblog as “local” despite my focus on the industry I’m in. That’s why I take time out now and then to rant like I did yesterday about the CMA awards.

Oh, yes, and I’d especially like to thank my seven readers who’ve stuck with me through all the good blogging times and bad.


Best Local Blogger: Rex Hammock, ( The most well-known Web logs (or “blogs”) are political in nature, but the best one in Nashville is about the magazine industry. Run by Rex Hammock, president of Nashville’s Hammock Publishing Inc., the “Rexblog” observes the latest goings-on in the world of periodicals. From the effects of Martha Stewart’s legal troubles on her magazine to the ephemeral world of the “vaporzines” (magazines that are not magazines at all but are just run-it-up-the-flagpole ideas floated by people to get little media attention), Hammock’s site is a nice little peek into the publishing industry. Oh yeah, the site also includes a fun bit about Hammock’s sit-down meeting with a fairly unrehearsed President Bush in Washington. If you’re one of those baffled as to why people like Bush, read Hammock’s narrative and maybe you’ll figure it out. — Roger Abramson

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  1. My sour grapes response is that the Awards section also gives an award to Lonnie’s Karaoke (sic), aka Lonnies Western Room, as the nightlife bloggers over at Thursday Night Fever have been sadly declaring dead since January 2004.

    Congratulations anyway, great blog.

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