Reaction time

Reaction time: Just got back on the ground and have a full in-box…and my newsreader is not newsreading. Hmmm. Anyway, here are some things I missed by being in a plane this morning:

  • Mediapost’s Michael Shield has some advice for magazines, “Magazines have to be able to print faster, and to accept ads later, or they will keep missing out.”
  • Grand, a magazine for baby boomer grandparents, has launched, thus removing it from vaporzine status.
  • Here’s something I found out by being on a plane this morning and listening to some podcasts (I think this item was from Tim Germer). Google has launched a test of an SMS service that sounds great.
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    1. I agree about the advertisements sentiment – so many times have I had to find alt media because of close dates being WAY off. 60 days is just a little crazy in the 2000s, don’t we think?

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