Net Newswire help

Net Newswire help: I know a few of the seven readers of this weblog use the newsreader Net Newswire. I’ve been using the 2.0 beta but somehow my OPML file appears to have become truncated so that only four or so of my selected feeds are read. As that last sentence used up my entire entire geek vocabulary, can someone suggest what I can do beyond the obvious: Use bloglines (I do as a back up) & restore to the earlier version, which, fortunately I followed Ranchero’s suggestion and made the proper back-ups to do so (see, I learn from experience).

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  1. hmm. I did it flat. However, I’ve gone back and restored everything to the earlier version of netnewswire and everything is great. I had saved the files as recommended earlier. Steve, you taught me these things.

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