What podcasting doesn’t have to be

What podcasting doesn’t have to be: As I’ve been cheering the concept of podcasting and suggesting people check it out, it has occurred to me (after listening to a few hours of some of the early podcasters) that some folks may be interpreting my enthusiasm for the concept of podcasting as an endorsement of the content of some of the pioneering podcasters. So, let me make this clear: Podcasting is not necessarily about people espousing weird anti-Bush conspiracy theories and using drive-by profanity. This week, most podcasts may be like that. However, I predict within a few weeks, the pioneers of podcasting will be joined by folks with dramatically different points of view and approaches. (And, again, this isn’t a suggestion that anyone change what they’re doing. Just an observation that what they’re doing will end up being one small slice of a big podcasting pie.)