Picture this

Picture this: The NY Times has launched The NY Times Photo Archives, but don’t get too excited. It’s a store. Still, it’s a great idea. Quote: The New York Times Photo Archives contains historic images carefully preserved over the past 100 years — one of the largest and most comprehensive collections of photographs in the […]

Next step in building an empire

Next step in building an empire: Rafat Ali’s (PaidContent.org) company, now with the cool name, Context Next, is hiring a “journalist-blogger” as he expands his pioneering business-to-busines blog-format media enterprise. The job is temporary but may transition into a full-time contracted position. I predict there will be many, many more blogger-journalists hired by Rafat as […]

Marconi personally taught me how to podcast:

Marconi personally taught me how to podcast: Marc Eisenstadt provides some grown-up insight and historical context into podcasting. Quote: “Podcasting glues-and-scripts-together a lot of things that are already available, but the big ‘so what?’ comes from the fact that until now nobody had really achieved the complete cradle-to-grave life cycle from out-in-the-ether -> RSS feed […]