Marconi personally taught me how to podcast:

Marconi personally taught me how to podcast: Marc Eisenstadt provides some grown-up insight and historical context into podcasting.


“Podcasting glues-and-scripts-together a lot of things that are already available, but the big ‘so what?’ comes from the fact that until now nobody had really achieved the complete cradle-to-grave life cycle from out-in-the-ether -> RSS feed -> portable gadget, and in a way that was open source and extendible: this is what has really fired the imagination.”

On a related note, Russell Beattie defends himself from some complaints about his “don’t talk about podcasting” post (that I didn’t complain about, but referred to).

[And on another note not related to Russell (inserted for clarification] I am amused by some of the “I was audioblogging before (insert podcaster name here) even knew what a blog was” that is taking place by those who wish to stake claim on podcasting pioneer status — or, to dismiss the echo-chamber hype swirling around the alpha-geek neighborhood of the blogosphere. Such inevitable debates over who is responsible for any innovation has led to my practice of always crediting Dave Winer, no matter what the innovation. (However, in this case, I’ll note that Marc Cuban has already made a few billion dollars from acting on a hunch related to people listening to broadcasts over the Internet.)

Much later update: Another clarification: I credit Dave because he derserves it.


6 thoughts on “Marconi personally taught me how to podcast:

  1. LOL. I love that title. Please note, however, for those people who don’t bother to read my post, that I have not claimed to invented anything to do with podcasting. Back in 2002 I thought I was the hot shit for audioblogging, but people had done that before as well. As I learned years ago, there’s very little new on the internet or in the blogosphere. I’m not really trying to difuse the hype either, just put it in historical context with an eye to the future as I see it.

  2. Russell. Thanks for your comments. And for the record for everyone else, Russell has not claimed to have invented anything to do with podcasting. And also for the record, Russell is one of the smartest guys, especially when it comes to all things mobile, that I follow on a daily basis…(oh, except for those Kerry-Edwards banners).

  3. Also for the record, there are at least 3 people within the range of Rex’s infrared mouse (including at least one regular reader of this blog) who had no idea who Marconi was.

  4. Back in the day, I’m sure it was real important to learn who invented the radio.


    Hey I learned my Edison, my Galileo, etc., but we moved right on to Einstein, Curie, Fermi and von Braun. It’s the modern age.

  5. Rex, thanks for enlightening me about the mouse’s dentures. Laura, just wanted to make sure you understood the reference.

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