Son (and grandson) of CueCat

Bad ideas must
have nine lives.

Son (and grandson) of CueCat: Why won’t really dumb ideas die? Engadget is pointing to a company “trying out a model for magazine advertising that’s transplanted straight from the web.”


“(Danippon Printing is) placing product ads in magazines that include QR codes containing a URL (like the one above)..scanning one with your cameraphone will send you to the product site. The advantages? Not much for the poor user, apart from not having to thumb in a URL, but for advertisers it means being able to keep track of clickthrough and completion rates for a specific ad, plus the fact that they only pay out if an ad click results in a sale. Old Media, this is New Media. Shake hands.

For those who have memorized every word of this weblog, this “new idea” will sound familiar as about every six months or so, I’ve pointed to folks (here and here and this dumb variation on a dumb idea) who keep coming up with it.

As I’ve said repeatedly in the posts linked to above, this was a ridiculous idea when the folks behind CueCat burned through $100 million pursuing it. And it will always be a dumb idea. How hard is it to type in a URL people? Have any of you ever actually used the camera on your phone before convincing yourself that someone would actually spend time doing this goofy Rube Goldberg process to get to a webpage? Just stop it, okay.

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