How magazines get started (continued)

How magazines get started (continued): The Manchester NH Union Leader has a classic “how magazines get started” profile of a new magazine called New England Ringside.


“This just sort of happened all at once,” (editor and publisher Joe) Bills said. “I had been doing publicity for the MacDowell Colony and my career was on an arts track. But a boxing commentator made a comment that really interested me. He was talking about a rising fighter who had a 10-0 record and said, ‘It doesn’t mean that much, they pretty much give you the first 10 fights.’ So I thought, ‘Wait a minute. Who are those first 10 guys?’ I started a book called ‘The Opportunists’ about these guys who are professional prizefighters despite the fact that they almost never win.” But the same question kept coming up during Bills’ research: why isn’t there any coverage of boxing in New England? “After hearing that about 500 times, I decided to start the magazine,”

Personally, I think starting a weblog would have been a better scratch for that itch.

(Explanation: How magazines get started.)

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