Al Gore taught me how to blog

Al Gore showed me how to blog: Via a vanity-pubsub-feed, I ran across a blog post that linked to a list (that mysteriously has disappeared) of CEO bloggers on a new PR Wiki. I was somewhat amazed to notice that I’ve been blogging since the dirt age (as measured in ceo-blogger-time). However, I wanted to clarify the rexblog “start date.” On the CEO blogger list, it says I’ve been blogging since January 3, 2002. However, my first post was officially made on August 28, 2000. Just because that first post was the word test and it took 17 months for me to make a follow-up entry, doesn’t mean I wasn’t “thinking about blogging” all during that period. I’m glad I could clarify this. And for the record, I always credit Dave Winer for being the first CEO blogger.

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