That’s a debate?

That’s a debate? I am trying hard to be objective. If Kerry is a strong finisher, what was that all about? He seemed bored, tired and wanting to get off the stage. If this was supposed to be “his topic,” why did he seem so flat and passionless? And I’m sorry…if Kerry needs to reach women, that “marrying up” crack was outrageously off-strategy. But the absolute worst part of this debate was Bob Schieffer. Hands down, the worst moderator.

4 thoughts on “That’s a debate?

  1. hm. I watched only part of it so missed specific moment. But only comment – eyewitnesses often differ on events. Rashomon.

  2. Okay. I’m wrong again. It is so good to be able to learn that what you thought you saw wasn’t actually what you saw. However, if you dig a little deeper in those Gallup numbers, you discover what looks like a win may not be a win. Besides, isn’t Gallup supposed to be flawed (according to

  3. Yes Gallup is supposed to be too heavily weighted with Republicans, so that would be an even bigger Kerry win.

    I am following the logic of an article I read today though, which said the net effect of the debates was only to pull the race even and in the end, it’s going to come down to whether Kerry can beat the Nader effect. In that race, I think Bush looks like a winner right now.

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