Secrets of the rich and famous media brands

Secrets of the rich and famous media brands: I’m planning in the next few weeks to blog a short review of the book Media Monoliths: how great media brands thrive and survive, by Mark Tungate (click on this handy contextual commerce link to an easy-way-to-purchase the book while creating a revenue stream for the rexblog), but thanks to, you can read an excerpt today.

Actually, I’ll excerpt the excerpt and give you the take-away gem (yet grammatically-challenged gem, but hey, I’m not one to talk) from the entire book:

“It’s incredible how few of the media monoliths grew out of a team effort. When you probe into the history of the world’s greatest media brands, you realize that, more often than not, a single individual created them, as well as putting in place the values that still drive them today.”

Read the excerpt.