TV worth TiVoing

TV worth TiVoing: While I have not blogged it, two of this weblog’s seven readers and I have exchanged e-mails during the weekend about how remarkable it was when Jon Stewart performed the first-ever live, televised castration when he appeared on Crossfire Friday.

Jeff Jarvis (a media critic from way-back) calls it, “the single best piece of media criticism (he’s) seen in years. And it’s all the better because it’s face-to-face.”

How good was it? (Or bad, depending on your opinion of Crossfire and its ilk.) Jon Stewart’s performance reminded me of one of those kung fu masters who can rip their opponent’s heart out and while it is still beating, they show it to their opponent right before he falls over, dead.

3 thoughts on “TV worth TiVoing

  1. While I agree with you about this AMAZING television event, I do think it’s important to note that Jon Stewart tends to hide from behind his “Comedy Central” shield and lob his media attacks in from a safe distance. His criticism would be much more powerful if he didn’t always use the “but I’m on the comedy network” defense and maybe even did something other than comedy if he wants to attack the media.

    But wow did he BURN Tucker Carlson. That was almost too mean. I loved it. That has to be the most popular Crossfire ever. Within minutes it was all over the file-sharing networks. Jon Stewart, Media Ninja!

  2. Drudge had a report that Stewart’s viewership has declined recently, rather in proportion to the amount of exposure he has been getting. On the other hand, Bill O’Reilly has been getting propositions – uh, sorry – proposals – lately.

  3. Drudge reported on some specific numbers. Stewart’s numbers have been up a lot recently, specifically around some political events. It’s also important to note that he takes a lot of time off. I would be curious to note if the lower ratings were during repeats. At any rate, this report says his ratings are up 25% on the year, and only Fox is beating him.


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