Vaporzine Hall of Fame inductee

Vaporzine Hall of Fame inductee: Radar, the inspiration for the whole concept of vaporzines and surely the most blogged-about vaporzine in the history of the rexblog is once more getting publicity for being a vaporzine, unfortunately the story is at and I can’t remember my password and don’t have time to mess with it.

Update I: Due to travel conditions (this is probably the only post of the day) that are challenging my patience and skill sets, other than point you to the NYT story regarding Mort Zuckerman’s involvement. I don’t have the time or bandwidth to link back to the historic posts on the rexblog in which Radar was first announced by the NYT and I warned not to confuse publicity with success, nor to the posts regarding the failure of the magazine and the founder’s amazement that it failed despite being, “the only independent magazine ever to be announced in the NY Times.” For the record, while the “Mort Zuckerman” brand is strong (as is his cash), however, it is not a guarantee. But I love someone who never gives up. So, I’ll be purchasing a subscription for sentimental reasons.