Working on a trend?

Working on a trend? There’s some weird karma going on in my in-boxes today. As I worked my way through my e-mail after a couple days of travel, I discovered a message from a rexblog reader who’s helping out at the recently-launched Work magazine (remember the one with the party) letting me know it’s ramping […]

Ready blogging

observation <b>Ready blogging:</b> This isn’t going to be a post like the last time <a href=”″>I chatted with a government official</a> but yesterday I spent about an hour with Tom Ridge <span style=”text-decoration:line-through;”>complaining about the long screening lines at BWI airport</span> regarding a new Homeland Security program called <a href=””>Ready Business (</a> designed to encourage […]

Back on the ground

Micropersuasive: Yesterday I was in NYC and had lunch with blogger-PR-pundit-newly-web Steve Rubél (accent added by me). While it was our first official meeting with each other, we were able to pick up several conversations mid-sentence from having followed each-other’s weblog. Steve’s been married a little over a week and has that, well, glow, still. […]