Abundantly clear

Abundantly clear: Rather than actually blog this, I decided I’d be environmentally conscious and merely recycle what Michael Shields reports in a trade version of a “How magazines get started (continued)” feature story.


Plenty will launch with an impressive array of advertisers for an independent startup, including Benjamin Moore, British Airways, L.L. Bean, Sierra Club, Stonyfield Farms, the State of Maine, and White Wave. The magazine will publish six times in 2005 at a rate base of 100,000, with distribution centered in upscale bookstores, airports, and college campuses. Spellun says that the enthusiasm for Plenty has made this launch go more smoothly than expected. “People have responded so well,” he said. “I had the idea for this magazine in January, and we will be on the newsstand in November

I could recycle some old comments I’ve blogged about first issues — like “paid” advertising and “an impressive array of advertisers” are not always the same thing, but I don’t want to poke a hole in the vaporzine layer.