A linguistic question for university students

A linguistic question for university students: The other day I said I rarely blog magazines by or about students or aimed at the university market, not because I don’t like you (I’ve recently been pleasantly surprised to learn that among the seven readers of this blog, there is a college student or two), but because there is too much to keep up with in this category. I won’t try to reconstruct the history of magazines “targeting college students” (note to journalism major: good paper topic), but can say with some degree of confidence that some variation of everything you can imagine has been attempted before to some variation of success or failure, or both (note to j-major paper writer: here’s a good Google search to begin your paper: “phil moffitt chris whittle”).

But, “it’s been done before” is a phrase never uttered by those wanting to start a magazine (but can be the entire vocabulary of a potential “funding source”). And since the phrase “18-to-24-year-old” is always proceeded by the phrase “hard-to-reach,” there will always be incentive to try-try again with the next “first time it’s been done” idea.

Which brings me back to the question I would like to pose for university students regarding the vaporzine to be called Co-Ed reported a couple days ago in Crain’s NY Business.


“There is no one magazine aimed at both sexes, written by students for students,” says publisher David Allen Liebler…. He adds that the magazine will also be available in a digital format through its Web site and will offer advertisers a chance to target the readership through events on campus and during spring break.”

Perhaps it’s my demographic, but my question is this: Doesn’t the term “Co-ed” imply that the magazine is aimed at women students? I know the term also means a school attended by both sexes, but has it lost a meaning it would conjure for a codger like me?

Feel free to use the comment feature to educate me on this linguistic dilemma.

(Thanks to vaporzine scout Eddie Rider.)

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  1. It’s your demographic. Sorry man. I went to school a really long time ago and it was confusing then when people [older than me] used “coed” to refer to women. Now it just means “both.”

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