Okay, you can stop e-mailing me

Okay, you can stop e-mailing me: Just a note to certain readers of this weblog who know to wear an overcoat into my office, yes, I saw this article about how people who work in cold offices make more mistakes and are less efficient. (via /.)

3 thoughts on “Okay, you can stop e-mailing me

  1. I think that’s wack. I’m miserable if it’s 72+ in the office. Makes me want to shoot myself.

  2. All I can figure is that “68” at my house and “72” at the office are pretty smack-dead-on equivalent. I suppose the difference is really that I’m sitting in front of these awesome computers all day and they just don’t give off that much heat. And at home I’m always running around. Otherwise, I can’t explain the difference.

  3. LC you are always welcome to borrow one of the two sweaters on the back of my door. But I can’t share my ragg-wool fingerless gloves. Some days, that’s all that lets me bend my fingers. I’d be happy to get you a pair next time I am at a truckstop thought.

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