Welcomed irony

Welcomed irony: Whenever possible, I do not blog news requiring me to link to an article at a daily newspaper website that requires me to register. So, I’d like to thank the Des Moines Register for not making me register. (Although the story I was going to link to isn’t really worth linking to.)

2 thoughts on “Welcomed irony

  1. Hiya, do you have an old fashioned text-based browser, such as Links or Lynx? For ages I read stories via these browsers without ever having to register – blissfully unaware the register hype was going on – now, sadly, most have caught on and even text-based browsers are redirected to the register FOR FREE (just tell us everything about you including how many fillings you have) pages. *sob*

  2. Also, Tim (at timswebpage.com) e-mailed to remind me of bugmenot.com, that provides another means around the registration wall.

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