Outing deadbeats

Outing deadbeats: When you’re like Rafat Ali (PaidContent.org) and you’re a budding media mogul creating a whole new form of business-to-business business, you think, “If I have advertisers from big household name companies, chances are they’ll pay for the advertising they’re purchasing. Right?” But, nooooOOOooo, in the words of John Belushi. So after seven months of politely and privately dunning an advertiser, he does what anyone pioneering a transparent media empire like his would do: He publicly invites them to pay-up.

Quote (I’ve redacted the name of the advertiser, but its initials are CQ.):

Friday Payup Warning: Anyone Know Anyone At xxxxxxx?: If you know who’re the right Web business people at xxxxxxxx, let me know…they have not paid me (a relatively minuscule amount, at that) despite repeated reminders in the last 7 months, and don’t return my phone calls, e-mails etc…I’m very frustrated…(Mr Product Development Director, xxxxxxxx, please pay up…)
Warning: all of the main advertisers and classifieds jobs advertisers…I’ll be doing a similar “Hall of Shame” for non-payers soon…I have no choice…I’m a small guy trying to make a living off this, and if you don’t pay up, this is the only way I can make sure you do that…
(Well, I’ve started asking for advance payment for the last few months, so this is less of a problem now…)

You go, brother.

3 thoughts on “Outing deadbeats

  1. There used to be a small chain of grocery stores in Knoxville TN and environs run by an irrascible fellow named Cas Walker. Cas posted the names of folks who passed bad paper on him at the checkouts, prominently for all to see. Sometimes he’d attach the bad check, as well. I don’t know how effective it was, but it gave him great satisfaction. I add to your sentiments here – go get ’em.

  2. They used to do that at the Pancake Pantry too. Also, I am aware of a rather exclusive membership establishment nearby that used to post on a bulletin board a list of those who were late with their dues. It was a “must read.”

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