Lesson for corporate & “brand marketers”

Lesson for corporate & “brand marketers”: You don’t have to be creative. Just do what Mercedes-Benz is doing with its “Mixed Tape” promotion, a brilliant discovery of the obvious and a winning idea for all involved (the new artists, the consumer, the brand). Makes me want to buy a Mercedes.

Quote from Mercedes Benz website:

Rediscover musical diversity: every 6-8 weeks Mixed Tape presents an exciting blend of exclusive MP3s by new, international artists as a free download compilation. With 15 brand new tracks Mixed Tape 03 makes a great soundtrack. A moving experience –not only in your Mercedes-Benz.

Note to Mercedes: Turn this into a podcast so I can subscribe to it.

Note to other marketers: I’m not suggesting you offer your own “mixed tape,” but that would be okay. It’s the notion of developing a new channel of delivering free and relevant services — of packaging your own media (adopt a podcaster relevant to your industry, for example) — that is the lesson here.

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