Spiked: Rex says, if you want to see some high-heeled blogging, check out Manolo’s Shoe Blog. Rex says, one blog-savvy and funny person knew any blogroll that included rexblog on a list called, “The Super Fantastic World of the Blogs!” would generate an in-bound link. Rex says, Monolo Shoe Blog does the shoe blogging super fantastic. But, then, what does Rex know about shoes that don’t come from Allen Edmonds, REI or Nike? Rex says he’ll ask Shannon what the heck this is all about.

(via: Jeff Jarvis)

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  1. as you have often said, don’t hide your eyes, plagiarize. Instead of referring to yourself in the third-person virtual form “this blog,” I think you should follow Manny’s lead and switch to “The Rex” or maybe even more appropriate, HRH Rex. If the slingback sandal fits …

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