Carr does Bauer

Carr goes down-market: NYT’s David Carr profiles Englewood Cliffs, N.J.’s Bauer Publishing USA, publisher, says Carr, of such “down-market magazines” like Woman’s World and Soap Opera Previews. They also publish the down-priced People knock-off, In Touch and First for Women. Quote: While many New York publishers put out costly, lavish magazines from costly, lavish headquarters, […]

October surprises?

October surprise: What will it be this year? Some new allegation of a Bush indiscretion at Andover? Or, my favorite: Bin Landen will be popping out of a cake in the coming ten days. But never would I have predicted that a Time Inc. magazine would discover that new high-wage jobs are filling the pipeline […]

Buried web treasures

Buried web treasure: Someone with the initials J.T. is working on cataloging transcripts of every episode of Saturday Night Live. While it’s not quite up there with searching for a cure to cancer, I think this is a commendable endeavor. (via: ResearchBuzz)