Carr does Bauer

Carr goes down-market: NYT’s David Carr profiles Englewood Cliffs, N.J.’s Bauer Publishing USA, publisher, says Carr, of such “down-market magazines” like Woman’s World and Soap Opera Previews. They also publish the down-priced People knock-off, In Touch and First for Women.


While many New York publishers put out costly, lavish magazines from costly, lavish headquarters, both designed in part to impress advertisers on Madison Avenue, Bauer, the American division of a large German publisher, produces mass magazines at low prices intended to entice grocery shoppers in Middle America to add them to their carts.

Carr’s story corresponds with Bauer’s launch next week of a new magazine:

To those ends, Bauer is about to begin publishing a weekly called Life & Style. The magazine, priced at $1.99, will try to bring the sheen of celebrity to a weekly about style that will put a million copies on newsstands next Monday.