Election prediction

Election prediction: As it is one week to go before the election, I wanted to place into the rexblog record my prediction for the results next Tuesday. I’m not doing this to debate the potential outcome or to defend my prediction, rather it is a public declaration insuring that I can crow, or eat crow, […]

Frank Barnako’s channeling Dvorak

Frank Barnako’s channeling Dvorak: Until I figured out that John Dvorak’s columns were merely flame-bait attempts to get noticed, I would actually let them steam me. Now, apparently Frank Barnako at cbs.marketwatch.com (sorry, I’m not going to link-love the registration-walled article) is flame-baiting in-bound references by slamming iPodding (he can’t get the software to work) […]

Custom publishing update?

Custom publishing update? This article reports that Avon is launching a 16-page catalog called, “M-The Men’s Catalog,” But all references in the article and the headline refer to it as a magazine. I tried to Google it to link directly to the new magazine, however, the closest I could get is a review of the […]