How magazines get started, classic

How magazines get started, classic: Today, I get to point to a story that’s a variation of the How magazines get started (continued) feature I’ve started posting recently, however we get to go back into time and learn how Sports Illustrated got started. The format is the same, however: local newspaper feature story, etc. (P.S. It’s in one of those sites that require you to register, however, for educational purposes only, you may want to experiment with a certain website to learn how certain consumers are trying to respond to certain registration requirements.)


Bob Cowin of Stuart was working in the Time Inc. circulation department more than half a century ago when he sent a three-page document suggesting that the company start a national sports magazine. Four years later, Sports Illustrated was born. Cowin, 81, still has a copy of the memo in a photo album at his home. He recently was interviewed for a documentary on the 50th anniversary of Sports Illustrated airing at 9 tonight on ESPN.