Why you should ignore all news stories involving numbers

[Updated: See below] I guess it’s only appropriate that immediately after blogging that MIT student’s thesis, I would run across this. For a long time on this weblog, I have complained about story after story in which it is so obvious the reporter has no clue how to interpret anything dealing with numbers. I got […]

Dvorak is channeling Dvorak

Dvorak is channeling Dvorak: Yesterday, I suggested that Frank Barnako’s rant on podcasting sounded like something that flame-baiter columnist John Dvorak would write in hopes of generating lots of inbound links. That’s before I discovered that Dvorak himself wrote his own whiney rant on why podcasting makes no sense. That, of course, guarantees that it […]


Pronounification: As David Carr has officially designated as a “trend” the use of pronouns in the title of new magazines, I guess it should come as no surprise that a new regional magazine announced today by a McGraw-Hill subsidiary is called, My House in the Mountain States. Quote: The magazine’s target audience is high-end homeowners […]

Local-blog aggregating

Local-blog aggregating: ResourceShelf (Gary Price) is pointing (second item) to a new (early beta) service, Metrofeed “that aggregates RSS feeds from “locally” oriented blogs (and other news sources) onto a single page.” Sort by source or by time…or you can get an RSS feed from each city for your own newsreader, as well. Gary points […]