Election coverage (condensed)

Election coverage (condensed): If, like me, you have already voted and have tried to tune-out presidential election coverage, here’s what I learned from listening to 30 minutes on NPR real early this morning: Clinton said “Vote for hope not fear, but if you’re going to fear something, be afraid of those Republicans who are trying to make you afraid. Oh yeah, and be afraid that if Kerry doesn’t win, Hillary will run in four years, not eight.” Kerry said, “I was in Viet Nam and I would never let 400 pounds of explosives be captured by Saddam Hussein loyalists if I were in the White House. But come to think of it, they wouldn’t have needed to capture it because they would already have it since I wouldn’t have invaded, sort of.” Bush said, “If you elect Kerry, that new puppy you just got will likely be harmed by some terrorists.” The reporters said, “Kerry said this, but then Bush’s campaign said he was wrong, and then Bush said something else, but the Kerry campaign said he was wrong. And other factors in the outcome in the election could be that Supreme Court justices may all die one day and the Red Socks have won two games in the World Series. And just before I dozed off, there was something about the election all coming down to which candidate did better pushing little kids on swing sets, or something like that.