Local-blog aggregating

Local-blog aggregating: ResourceShelf (Gary Price) is pointing (second item) to a new (early beta) service, Metrofeed “that aggregates RSS feeds from “locally” oriented blogs (and other news sources) onto a single page.” Sort by source or by time…or you can get an RSS feed from each city for your own newsreader, as well. Gary points out that you can also accomplish the same type of service (with more mainstream news content) via the “topic pages” at Topix.net and/or placing one of more of their “topic feeds” into your aggregator. (Or, as mentioned yesterday, you can now do the same with any search results on IceRocket.)

Also, while Nashville is not on the MetroFeeds list, you can find a similar service at “NashvillesNews.com,” which has been aggregating local blog RSS feeds for several months.

MetroFeeds’ currently available:

Los Angeles
New York
San Francisco
San Diego
Washington, DC

(Thanks to: ResourceShelf)