How magazines get started (continued)

How magazines get started (continued): Writing in the food section of the NY Times, David Carr profiles the new magazine Chow.


Most food magazines are the glossy equivalent of an expensive chef knife: gorgeous to behold, and sometimes a bit challenging for the average amateur to use correctly. Chow is more like a Buck knife, utilitarian in the extreme and no-nonsense in approach. And unlike established magazines, Chow is far more irreverent and less bent on establishing foodie credentials….For the time being, Chow is a tidy snack of a magazine, with an initial circulation of 50,000 and a future mostly predicated on high hopes and the kind of optimism that keeps people putting out new magazines even as major publishers struggle against a punishing set of industry economics.

Great article. Can’t wait to see the magazine.

(Explanation: How magazines get started.)