It’s a small world after all

It’s a small world after all: In remarking on Seth Goden’s warning about CEO blogging, Steve Rubel says some too-kind things about me taking time from my “busy schedule” (okay, I can hear that laughter down the hall, stop) to have a conversation with “worker-bee bloggers” like him. (Yeah, right, worker-bee blogger: Steve gets quoted in the NY Times more than Mayor Bloomberg.) Thanks, Steve.

More coincidentally, Steve also sends a shout-out to Michael Hyatt for his weblog Working Smart, as another good conversational-blogger-COO-type. Michael, it turns out, is also a Nashville blogger: He’s the COO of Thomas Nelson, a big publicly-traded publisher of religious books (one, I’ve blogged about on occasion). I’ve added his blog to my Nashville blogroll in the left column of each page on the rexblog. Please let me know of other Nashville weblogs not listed.

4 thoughts on “It’s a small world after all

  1. Don’t forget the “worker-bee blogger” was also quoted last week next to Richard Edelman in PR Week. That’s what happens when PR folks do PR for themselves.

  2. I don’t think it was an accusation. Unless, that is, one doesn’t want to be quoted next to Richard Edelman. As for PR folks doing PR for themselves, when I used to practice the craft back in the old days (1977-1990), I used to be amazed at how difficult the PR profession found it to raise it’s own “image.” However, I think what Steve and all you PR bloggers are doing, each in your own way, is helping to provide reasonable voices and faces to a field that is often unfairly portrayed as spin-artists, flacks and manipulators.

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