Dejazine update

Dejazine update: According to the SF Chronicle, there has been a sighting of a weekly Redux Herring prototype.


This time around, Red Herring won’t have the laserlike focus on venture capitalists and tech startups. “We’re going to be broader to reflect the maturing of the tech industry,” Dreyfus said. “It’s also important to be much more global than it was.” The magazine published a prototype earlier this month, with 8,000 copies going to potential readers and advertisers. In November, it will start bimonthly publication, and in January it goes weekly. The goal is 45,000 paid circulation.

Bimonthly? As in every-other month? So, there will be one issue between now and when it begins as a weekly, right? If it refers to twice each month, I think a better description would be semi-monthly, or every two weeks, fortnightly.

I still stand by my prediction of July 6, however, it appears a lot more money will be spent on the publication before it wraps up.