Speaking of PR blogging

Speaking of PR blogging: How do you get a company to back off — or, uh, clarify — a bone-headed product decision? Inform bloggers of the bone-headed decision.

Quote from Marc Hedlund (at O’Reilly):

In an earlier post this week, I railed against Sprint for disabling the use of Bluetooth on the new Treo 650 for laptop Internet access. Jeff Shafer from Sprint Business Solutions Public Relations contacted me and said the following:

It is important to note that the characterization [in your post] is inaccurate.

Due to some development deadlines, the phone has been launched as described, without the DUN [dial-up networking] capability.  However, as part of a scheduled maintenance release of software (timing pending some testing), the DUN capabilities will be supported.  We also support the functionality in the just released PPC-6601 (Pocket PC device).   In no way is Sprint suppressing the functionality as you describe or with the motivations you assert.

(via: Gizmodo.com)