Yakety Yak

Yakety Yak: It’s 2004 (not, 1994) and all the big names in consumer magazines are still sitting in a room discussing how they can get their readers to pay for online content. Ann Moore, CEO of Time Inc., says, “Find the market and they’ll pay.” (Huh? Where? Like at Wal-Mart?) And then they discuss how users can renew subscriptions online. I hope these people aren’t as clueless as the story by Jon Friedman of CBS.Marketwatch.com makes them sound. At least, moderator Sam Shepard of BusinessWeek says, “We come here every year and say the same thing.”

How sad is it that a few days after Google announces it generated almost $1 billion in online advertising revenue in one quarter that these guys are talking about renewing subscriptions online?

Okay, everyone, repeat after me: It’s the links, stupid.

(via: iwantmedia.com)