Endangered reporters

Endangered reporters: Again, just because advertising on the Internet is improving, it does not mean that magazines are endangered. Even if some trade magazines go away (as thousands of titles close each year), magazines will be with us for a long, long time. Again, Internet advertising gains are good, wonderful, exciting. However, if a reporter can’t provide specific data (rather than hunches or anecdotes or statistics-for-dummies logic), he or she will only provide yet another example of why “professional” journalists are more in jeopardy than magazines.


For advertisers, too, online offers advantages that print cannot: precise tracking of adverts, including which stories they are linked to. Ms Hazlitt says: “It’s so much more precise than magazines, where you get biannual ABC [circulation] figures that are out of date before you see them.”

As I have said before, when I see people decorating their coffee tables with print-outs of a website, I’ll be ready to say that comparing websites to magazines is something other than comparing apples with cumquats.

(via: PaidContent.org [Speaking of PaidContent.org, I’d like to send out a public congratulations to Rafat on his multi-continental wedding. I’ve known about it a while, but haven’t seen him mention it publicly — I’m sure I just missed it.])

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  1. hey rex, slightly belated on my part, but thanks. seems like i’ll be away from the computer and internet for a long long time..i’m already having pre-withdrawl symptoms…

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