Prediction tweak

Prediction tweak: Last week, I predicted the following outcome for tomorrow’s presidential election:

Popular vote: Bush 52%, Kerry 48%
Electoral vote: Bush 291, Kerry 247

After obsessing over the data for too much time, I’ve decided to slightly tweak my prediction and shift five more electoral votes to Bush while not changing the popular vote.
My new prediction:

Popular vote: Bush 52%, Kerry 48%
Electoral vote: Bush 296, Kerry 242

To add substance to this prediction (and to give the seven readers of this weblog something to taunt me about if I’m off — as if they needed a reason), here are states I believe Bush will win: Florida, Iowa, New Mexico, Ohio and Wisconsin.

I don’t think Bush can be elected without winning Florida. However, as noted, I believe he’ll win the state.

This is only a prediction. No wagering please.

2 thoughts on “Prediction tweak

  1. Reading this post just flashed Monty Python into my brain. I don’t know whether your predictions will be right or wrong, but hey, if you’re right, you can say to those who disagreed, “Go away or I shall taunt you a second time!” in an effete French accent.

    Or something like that.

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