Tomorrow is another day

Tomorrow is another day: Yesterday, in our company’s regular Monday-morning meeting, I reiterated to everyone my desire for them not to feel uncomfortable for supporting a candidate other than the one I vote for — I fear I may be in a minority, but we haven’t done any official polling. Our staff is blessed with extremely well-informed, thoughtful (in all meanings of the word) individuals. We’ve engaged in some pretty heated debates over the past few months and only had to mandate a truce once. But our disagreements have been agreeable and good-natured. And so, I promise not to gloat tomorrow when Bush wins couldn’t agree more with what Michael Totten writing on Instapundit has to say on this topic today:

ELECTION DAY REMINDERS (from Let’s get a couple of things out of the way before today’s votes are counted.

You have the right to vote. You do not have the right to see the man of your choice in the White House.

If George W. Bush wins the election, the world will still spin on its axis. Canada will not grant you asylum. If John Kerry wins the election, America will still be America. Australia will not grant you asylum.

People who vote for the other guy aren’t stupid, brainwashed, or evil. They are your friends and family. Someone you love will almost certainly cancel your vote. (My wife cancels out mine.)

If, by some chance, everyone you know votes for the loser it won’t mean the election was stolen. It will only show that you live in a bubble.

If this thing is close (the victor could easily win by 0.1 percent) try not to read too much into it. We’ll still be closely divided.

If the election doesn’t go your way, don’t pop off as though America were Guatemala under the generals. You’ll get lots of attention, but it won’t be the kind you want. People will laugh, not near you but at you.

Amen, brother.

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  1. A trucker I know has just recently been accepted by KBR for duty in Iraq and is on his way to TX to train. He says if the non-incumbent wins, he’ll be happier there.

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